The Wonder Years

by Mariko Ruhle

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Human Nature 03:57
Human Nature what if we still walked barefoot, with no way of proving what we are? with no reason to sit on a thrown, without our families, we have no homes... with no reason to leave, we keep going on the way we have our minds are beautiful in their developed state, so demented, that we hate what is it that keeps us here? when will I be free from fear? where has all the darkness gone? what was, stopped burning me
Those Who Have Come And Gone poisoned and pounded, there’s a flood of the choices they chose men keep to, find comfort in a few simple pleasures women work through, they wear masks of glue, trying to keep it together secrets are frightening, but in notes and keys what difference can we make of these?
Dear, Heart 02:44
Dear, Heart waking up, fill my cup, with water wake me up, wake me up, I wanna I could dance off in my dreams the devil would only smile on me and turn my hands to dust the devil’s still in my dreams, he’s still trying to dance with me reading from a holy script, it’s not like we’re dressed like this for nothing I am like a purse, everything’s in reverse, and you are a sea of wanting me the truth takes hold, nobody is holy or clear I can admit here that loving’s confusion of action and theory, loving comes easy if it’s not real to me, if no one else can see, that the devil’s only me... he comes to you when you’re sleeping he comes to you when you’re needing love I am not torn or made, we are living promises
Hymn For Him 03:17
Hymn For Him Father’s day, appropriate, I sing this hymn, this hymn for him this hymn for the exiled... he wasn’t a good man, but he wasn’t all bad there he stays like the black and white in my memory he fades to gray, and there he stays... a little more each day the good fades to bad and the good becomes a fantasy so easy I listen to her tell me about a different daddy, may as well be mine... and let the wind carry me away, this morning on father’s day may as well be a day for the exiled he is gone with no goodbye, he is gone, I’ve done my cryin’ he is gone, now it’s me who’s left dyin’, free
Lullaby 02:47
Lullaby (co-written by Jack Wilson) lay your little head down next to me dream of everything that you can be close your eyes, and I’ll close mine momma loved daddy then you came through we’re gonna do the very best we can do you’re bigger than the wave they’ll put on you you’re bright because the stars they shine in you well sleep on now for the work awaits we’ve gotta give life, gotta take our place... the sun will come morn and the stars will sleep, and I will be here when you awake
Native 03:27
Native what is a scene? where nobody speaks from the heart where I can only breathe we enter the night alone we are the deer, escape the knife the arrow won’t pierce your fur, you are too swift I will out run my will, to fall I push the sounds from down at my feet we are a stream, the river refuses none what is a scene? where nobody speaks from the heart where I can only dream I will out run my will our hearts run on empty spaces in between
Wind Merchant I never was a merchant, or was I? I sold the wind to sailors, oh please direct my sail I’ve been lost for such a long time I am like a painter, but I am not a painter I like to paint with movement, I like to move my body why do I have to choose between me and you? living in this neo-renaissance, how I want to be a renaissance man I never was a merchant, or was I? I sold my wind to sailors, oh please direct my sail
Old Revelry 03:00
Old Revelry I got a red truck, it’s making me think of the past I got a butterfly, in a frame of gold and glass what isn’t free, until you come along and free it? what is free, if you cannot explain it? X marks the spot, it’s all we’ve got the treasure hunt has begun... It’s not just magic happenstance life’s a game of destiny and chance my brother he was a child in my dream a child he don’t know what to believe I know I need no more things, I’m troubled by my greed I know I need no more things, I’m troubled by these so many, many things
Woodgrain 01:55
Woodgrain It’s like a wood grain in my mind all the time and there’s a line for everything we say, okay and I let the lines run all through me like a birds beak on the leg of a tree I let him run down the leg of the tree like he runs through me oh he runs through me it’s like a wood grain in my mind all the time


This is Mariko Ruhle's debut album, it was recorded in my bedroom with urgency and ease... Dedicated to my family of blood and friendship.

***Included in the download is more album art, and lyrics.


released May 29, 2013

The Wonder Years

All songs written by Mariko Ruhle, except Lullaby co-written by Jack Wilson

Recorded and Produced By Jack Wilson and Mariko Ruhle
Mixed By Alex Kostelnik
Recorded in Seattle WA, in the Madkin Apartments 2013

“The Madkin Band”
Mariko Ruhle - Vocals, Acoustic Guitar on “Wind Merchant” and “Woodgrain”
Jack Wilson - Acoustic Guitar, Bass
Eric Miller - Drums, Percussion
Zach Warnes - Vocals, Acoustic Guitar on “Lullaby”
Steve Miller - Acoustic and Electric Guitar
Lorraine Perrin - Viola, Violin
Jeremy Summer - Banjo, Bass on “Human Nature” “Native” and “Old Revelry”
Cara Brennan - Organ on “Dear, Heart”

Without love from all directions this music would not have been captured. I am so thankful for the people who allowed me to grow and never stopped believing. Endless love to Atticus, “my sail...” The universe lay a course of connections that all magically aligned in order for this experience to occur. To the wanderers and writers, players and dancers, the gypsies and lovers, the dreamers and realists... Thank you for all your inspiration and gifts. Here is something in return a greeting and goodbye, an ending of one moment and the beginning of all else...

Peace+Love, Mariko


all rights reserved



Mariko Ruhle Seattle, Washington

Mariko Ruhle, is a Seattle based musician/singer-songwriter from Santa Barbara, California and lead singer/guitarist of Nostalgic Rock band Temple Canyon.

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